The Ballad Of Willy Robbins




1. Bottom Of The Ladder
2. The Ballad Of Willy Robbins
3. I Dreamt Blues
4. Blue-Eyed Baby
5. Carry Me, Home
6. I Never Knew What I Saw In You
7. Searching For The Sun
8. Ode To My Hometown
9. Forever Gone


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​"O​ne of our favorite folk albums from 2013​"​ - THE FRETBOARD JOURNAL

​"​Kapoor’s cameos of blue-collar life are poignant and universal: wrecked home towns, insecure employment, busted dreams. An impressive debut." ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN

"A series of sharply etched portraits of struggling Americans that points back along a road of socially conscious songs." - THE NEW YORKER

"Sincere, husky ballads of the apathetic, recession-era (or Depression-era) working man." - INTERVIEW MAGAZINE


​"Vikesh Kapoor possesses the kind of voice you believe in" - CITY ARTS SEATTLE​

"The Ballad of Willy Robbins is astonishingly good, with each song cutting like a sharp blade." - THE PORTLAND MERCURY

"A true balladeer with a story to tell." - SEATTLE WEEKLY

"He’s got the kind of raw, seasoned voice and knowing approach to music that pulls you in and won’t let go." - MTV (DESI)

"This album manages to capture something of the compassion and hope, and the bleakness and anger." - SONG BY TOAD

"An incredible talent." - INVISIBLE CHILDREN


released October 15, 2013

© & ℗ 2013 Mama Bird Recording Co. under license from Vikesh Kapoor.
Written by Vikesh Kapoor, © 2013 Riverboat Song (ASCAP)
Recorded/Engineered/Mixed by Adam Selzer.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: I Dreamt Blues
I go to work in the morning
I go to work every day
though the boss gave me a warnin’
I get run down by the foreman
I dream through my mornings
I dream through my days

You know I come home
by the sight of cigarette circles glowin'
to go blind was fine when we were young
but now dear, your disguise is fallin'
so I'm up again the next morning
an' you and I, we keep it that way

The dull in the television dream
distracts me
after work what do I got left to believe?
my soul's replaced by machines
I am static in the evening
and back at it by morning

No I don’t catch the politics
the sport of the presidents
none of these days, news do stick
I’ll admit I'm apathetic
does my word matter anyway?
war or not, work’s enough each day

Well those days I spoke out my choice
most days I try to avoid it
now I can hardly hear that voice
it's driven outta me each day
I dreamt away my mornings
I dreamt away my days